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WOAH! Talk about an exquisite piece of furniture! Look at that grand black lacquer and black upholstered couch!!! Something this classy and detailed can only mean ONE thing… Fabulous & Baroque!!! Yes they have done it again! This Absolom Roche Love Seat is all you need to complete a room in your home! It is like a royal throne made exclusively for YOU! I am drooling over this love seat! Geez Fabulous & Baroque you always know how to make the best furniture for my home!

Fabulous and Baroque Furniture

The stunning Rococo Teal Bed by Fabulous and Baroque would make a gorgeous addition to any bedroom!

Check out this Fabulous and Baroque Rococo bed! I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up in this bed EVERY DAY… (Heavenly, I’m sure!)

This bed is clearly a versatile piece of art that can be used in any type of bedroom, even a child’s room! I personally think this bed would make a fantastic bed for a sweet little princess… 🙂 Oh yea, did I mention? The twin is ON SALE!

The Fabulous and Rococo bed has ornate carvings that instantly add style to any space. Whether the feel of the bedroom is shabby chic, extravagant elegance or simple and sophisticated the handcrafted solid mahogany and hand-painted antique finish make this bed a guaranteed showstopper in any home.

I can’t get over how tremendous the details on this bed are, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it! I would love to incorporate this stunning piece of functional art into my home, for sure.

Worried about durability? Well for once you won’t have to worry about compromising style for sturdiness or vice versa! Fabulous and Baroque furniture is actually composed of solid mahogany and hand crafted to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Want to customize this bed to make it your own? If the teal color isn’t really your style, no worries! Fabulous and Baroque is a company that works with customers to modify any piece of furniture! From black to gold to silver to hot pink, they do it all!

Not to mention this bed comes in all sizes and you can even modify details about the carvings if you choose to!

As I was scooting around I came across two pieces I thought would go PERFECTLY with this bed: the Bordeaux side table and the Monique floor carved Mirror! Let me tell ya, with these three pieces together, you could never go wrong!