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This elegantly adorned Night’s Dream chest of drawers is the companion piece to our Night’s Dream Tufted bed. Highlights include 9 drawers to maximize your storage needs which are highlighted with beautiful curved lines, finished in fuchsia and detailed with gold leaf. The chest is handmade and created out of carved, solid mahogany. Set inside a beautifully designed frame, the details and hand-painted finishes make it a must have! I can’t get over how perfectly these colors go together! It looks amazing! You could put this in your bedroom, living room, den, or ANYWHERE! It will improve the room of your choice and will definitely be an attention piece. For more details and other pieces alike, visit!

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fabulous and baroque review

fabulous and baroque review

Below you will find a review from one of our favorite customers, Mark, who happens to be a designer with FABULOUS (and baroque) taste! Continue reading to see what he has to say about Fabulous and Baroque as well as what other people have to say about his newest bedroom design!

“Patience has its rewards. Fabulous and Baroque provides furniture that captivates and inspires the imagination, allowing one to dream and reflect upon times past, embraces a sense of opulent majesty, creativity, individuality, in a time full of blas conventionality conforming to trends. As visitors open the double doors to my clients master suite mostly furnished by Fabulous and Baroque, guests gasp in awe at the spa-like jewel box before them. The furniture shimmers, walls and ceilings have been carefully painted to mimic the aged plaster of an old Mediterranean villa nestled on a cliff in the French Riviera, the warm wood floors encompass a lavish rug that pulls all the elements of the room together, all while a reproduction of Boticellis Birth of Venus gracefully perches above the cast stone fireplace; further luring guests to lose themselves within the confines of this dream-like sanctuary. This furniture is not for everyone. If its decadence suites your palette, however, and you want to feel like Princess Ann awakening in her lavish room in Roman Holiday, then embrace your individuality and indulge yourself. It may take some time for your pieces to arrive, but I guarantee it will be well worth the wait.”

There is no greater feeling than that of helping someone accomplish their vision. Each and every designer has such a unique dream for each client and Fabulous and Baroque is there to assist in any way possible. From custom finishes to fabrics to upgrading buttons to Swarovski crystals, Fabulous and Baroque can do it all – the sky is the limit!

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