The reaction to Modern Baroque interior design has shifted dramatically in the last eight months. What has been considered by many designers to be an eclectic, if not opulent, aesthetic was suddenly elevated to chic when a certain three talented West Coast critics noticed a growing number of statement-pieces making the scene in prominent L.A. and N.Y.C homes and propelled a tipping point by starting a conversation.

white on white black on black

‘Modern Baroque’ is characterized by the lavish shapes, textures and colors of 17th century European design. The recent revival has run the gamut from quite tastefully recreated dining sets to flamboyantly fancy boudoir adornment. It seems too soon to predict how fully this trend will integrate with prevailing modern tastes, but one American company is poised for the challenge of manufacturing and shipping this extremely labor intensive furniture to new buyers.

Fabulous & Baroque, the Austin, Texas-based furniture Design Company, has struck upon the perfect balance of lavish and lush as early as 2010, by designing elegant Modern Baroque furniture to satisfy every taste. Founder and lead designer Danae De Gualle, was recently quoted, “Elegance is timeless and style is cyclical. We are seeing the latest inevitable intersection of contemporary culture and historical reverence.”