High style meets high concept. The Fabulous & Baroque style is defined by 17th and 18th century aesthetics that combine modern, traditional, bohemian and shabby chic tastes with modern craftsmanship and artistry. F&B furniture collections are defined by bold contrasting colors and intricate symmetry featuring plant and flower motifs intricately hand carved in mahogany.


The intricate shapes and motifs of the Rococo and Baroque styles stand out in modern and traditional rooms, providing boldly fashion-forward statements. F&B pieces can be utilized both as a completed matching set, such as the Night’s Dream Series, or as unique accent pieces to make a room pop! However you use the Fabulous & Baroque family of products, they provide an undeniable luxury to any room.




The sofa is the centerpiece of the room, this element will make the largest contribution to aesthetic. The Justine Chesterfield sofa is modern and classic at once. Place it against a wall to elongate a room or float it within the room to partition the seating area and open a new pathway.

There is a lot to consider when you shop for a sofa: size and shape will be the most demanding factor, followed in order of personal preference by color, style, comfort and functionality. Remember that a couch is an investment. Lampshades and curtains come and go, while the sofa generally remains.






The chaise is not frequently seen in small spaces, but this often overlooked piece can be the one simple addition that turns your room into a work of art. The chaise is usually bought as a matching pair with a sofa, yet a nonmatching chaise can be a signature style of its own- think bohemian/eclectic.





Don’t make the mistake of thinking a lamp is superfluous to small room design. The Rialto Floor Candelabra is an exquisite accent that you might imagine belonging alongside an antique Steinway in the parlor of a turn-of-the-century mansion. Yet small modern rooms prove to benefit from pieces like this one to a greater extent than rooms more elaborately adorned.







This essential element is often overlooked yet it is the glue that ties a room together. A bookcase like the Bridgitte French Open can work as a stand-alone Baroque piece or be the adhesive between the modern and antique design elements of a more diverse room. The bookcase is not only a place for your favorite books, it is usually where you feature important photographs and smaller design elements and keepsakes, which means your guests will notice this piece of furniture quickly and there gaze will linger longer hear than on any other piece in the room.