The reaction to Modern Baroque interior design has shifted dramatically in the last eight months. What has been considered by many designers to be an eclectic, if not opulent, aesthetic was suddenly elevated to chic when a certain three talented West Coast critics noticed a growing number of statement-pieces making the scene in prominent L.A. and N.Y.C homes and propelled a tipping point by starting a conversation.

white on white black on black

‘Modern Baroque’ is characterized by the lavish shapes, textures and colors of 17th century European design. The recent revival has run the gamut from quite tastefully recreated dining sets to flamboyantly fancy boudoir adornment. It seems too soon to predict how fully this trend will integrate with prevailing modern tastes, but one American company is poised for the challenge of manufacturing and shipping this extremely labor intensive furniture to new buyers.

Fabulous & Baroque, the Austin, Texas-based furniture Design Company, has struck upon the perfect balance of lavish and lush as early as 2010, by designing elegant Modern Baroque furniture to satisfy every taste. Founder and lead designer Danae De Gualle, was recently quoted, “Elegance is timeless and style is cyclical. We are seeing the latest inevitable intersection of contemporary culture and historical reverence.”

High style meets high concept. The Fabulous & Baroque style is defined by 17th and 18th century aesthetics that combine modern, traditional, bohemian and shabby chic tastes with modern craftsmanship and artistry. F&B furniture collections are defined by bold contrasting colors and intricate symmetry featuring plant and flower motifs intricately hand carved in mahogany.


The intricate shapes and motifs of the Rococo and Baroque styles stand out in modern and traditional rooms, providing boldly fashion-forward statements. F&B pieces can be utilized both as a completed matching set, such as the Night’s Dream Series, or as unique accent pieces to make a room pop! However you use the Fabulous & Baroque family of products, they provide an undeniable luxury to any room.




The sofa is the centerpiece of the room, this element will make the largest contribution to aesthetic. The Justine Chesterfield sofa is modern and classic at once. Place it against a wall to elongate a room or float it within the room to partition the seating area and open a new pathway.

There is a lot to consider when you shop for a sofa: size and shape will be the most demanding factor, followed in order of personal preference by color, style, comfort and functionality. Remember that a couch is an investment. Lampshades and curtains come and go, while the sofa generally remains.




The chaise is not frequently seen in small spaces, but this often overlooked piece can be the one simple addition that turns your room into a work of art. The chaise is usually bought as a matching pair with a sofa, yet a nonmatching chaise can be a signature style of its own- think bohemian/eclectic.




Don’t make the mistake of thinking a lamp is superfluous to small room design. The Rialto Floor Candelabra is an exquisite accent that you might imagine belonging alongside an antique Steinway in the parlor of a turn-of-the-century mansion. Yet small modern rooms prove to benefit from pieces like this one to a greater extent than rooms more elaborately adorned.





This essential element is often overlooked yet it is the glue that ties a room together. A bookcase like the Bridgitte French Open can work as a stand-alone Baroque piece or be the adhesive between the modern and antique design elements of a more diverse room. The bookcase is not only a place for your favorite books, it is usually where you feature important photographs and smaller design elements and keepsakes, which means your guests will notice this piece of furniture quickly and there gaze will linger longer hear than on any other piece in the room.




Man oh Man! Look at this sweet dressing stool! It looks so simple, but it speaks for itself so elegantly. The black on black is one of my favorites, ever! It has a unique and mysterious attitude that I love! If you are looking for something brilliant, something small, something that comes with a big BANG! then this is exactly what you have been searching for. Fabulous and elegant, this glazed French upholstered stool is perfect as a companion to any of our beautiful dressing tables. The stool is carved from solid mahogany and finished in black lacquer. The cabriole styled legs are a set giveaway that this is a pure French elegance. If you have time, please take a seat and check out more glorious products like this one at


DSC_1765_50c988ae-00ba-4fa4-9e28-b535addc7d5b_grande DSC_1769_grande

So you fell in love with our previous post, about the night’s dream chest of drawers, but unfortunately you convinced yourself that you do not own enough belongings or space to justify purchasing the large chest. GREAT NEWS! Here is the younger sibling, the Fuchsia and Gold Night’s dream SIDE TABLE! Use it as an accent piece in your bedroom or place it next to your couch in the living room. Regardless of your choice, it’s going to be a fantastic fit! Highlights include 3 drawers which are highlighted with beautiful curved lines, finished in fuchsia and detailed in gold leaf and is handmade and created out of carved, solid mahogany. Set inside a beautifully designed frame, the details and hand-painted finishes make it a must have! You do not need me to tell you all this though, because you can already see how beautiful this piece is! You might wonder how you can make this look better? Try customizing it with knobs from! Imagine this side table with crystal knobs! Breathtaking. If you want to find out more about the chest or other pieces like it please visit :). Thanks for stopping by!


This elegantly adorned Night’s Dream chest of drawers is the companion piece to our Night’s Dream Tufted bed. Highlights include 9 drawers to maximize your storage needs which are highlighted with beautiful curved lines, finished in fuchsia and detailed with gold leaf. The chest is handmade and created out of carved, solid mahogany. Set inside a beautifully designed frame, the details and hand-painted finishes make it a must have! I can’t get over how perfectly these colors go together! It looks amazing! You could put this in your bedroom, living room, den, or ANYWHERE! It will improve the room of your choice and will definitely be an attention piece. For more details and other pieces alike, visit!

DSC_1031_grande DSC_1033_grande DSC_1036_grande

Wow! Check out this beautiful desk from Fabulous & Baroque! This thing is incredible! It sparkles, it shines, it is everything you have been looking for! This amazing Amelie writing desk is a beauty whether you use it in an office or part of a larger decor as an accent piece. The frame is hand carved from solid mahogany and finished in silver leaf to give that contemporary look. Three drawers make an ideal space for organizing accessories or your job’s essentials. A modern twist with classic design makes this desk ideal for someone who appreciates both vintage and contemporary design. The Amelie dressing table is luxury at its finest!

DSC_7217_grande DSC_7222_grande DSC_7224_grande



This gorgeous Monique Floor Mirror is a beautiful addition to any room and is the perfect dressing mirror. Designed to rest comfortably on the floor against the wall, this floor mirror is a bevel edged mirror, set inside a mahogany frame and adorned with intricate and detailed handcrafted carvings which is set off by the beautiful white lacquer finish. The Monique is as beautiful as the image it reflects! To find out more about this piece stop by! Thank you 🙂

Monique Mirror - White

Monique Mirror – White

Size: W: 28 H: 70 D: 2

Check it out! This Abigail armoire is absolutely delightful! The Abigail is handcrafted with double mirrored doors set along a single door. Behind the double doors is the perfect set up to allow for hanging clothes or install shelving. The single door on the right side is filled with spacious shelves. The ornate carvings adorn the solid mahogany frame making this a stylish classic! Finished in white lacquer. This piece is the perfect addition! To find out more about this piece and others check us out at


Front View


Front View w/ Right Door Open. Shelving Unit.


Front View. Both Doors Open.

Size: W: 64 H: 89 D: 24 (approx) (Double Side doors 38″ W, Single Door 21″W)

This Belle de Fleur side chair is a classic beauty with the perfect antique touch. The beautiful white carved 3D designs are a flawless addition to the modest white lacquer. The chair features beautiful flower carvings surrounding the edges and has a gorgeous vintage finish. Mixed with the playful black and white polka dot upholstery, this chair is a traditional beauty! To find out more visit us at Thank you 🙂







Fabulous and Baroque is trying a new look, GOTH!

Fabulous and Baroque Bed

The Marilyn Goth bed in white lacquer and orange tufted suede.

The thing I love about Fabulous & Baroque is that they are never afraid to use COLOR! Their furniture can be classy and black or Fun with a splash of color! Just like this Marilyn Goth bed! I am in LOVE with the splash of orange featured on the headboard! AND it is from Fabulous and Baroques new OH MY GOTH collection! You must check it out!!! This bed is the vision of duality. Just LOOK at the detail on this bed! The wonderfully wicked hand-carved scrolls, leaves and SKULLS add detail you cannot find anywhere else! I am drooling over this gothic and gorgeous bed. The designs are finished in a bright white lacquer, matching perfectly with the headboard’s upholstered orange suede. WOW! Not only is this bed sophisticated and detailed BUT ALSO exciting and colorful! It is the best of both worlds with this Marilyn Goth Bed!

Marilyn is the first of many up-and-coming GOTH designs from Fabulous & Baroque.